Spiritualism and Tibet

The Tibetan Plateau is located on the northern side of the Himalayas and is the highest point on earth. It is home to Mt Everest and is a region with deep and interesting history and people. it is also considered a spiritual destination by people from different religions. The inhabitants of the area mainly practice Tibetan Buddhism and Islam but there are also a minority group of Christians in the area. We explore spiritualism in Tibet and its people and why people continue flocking here in large numbers each year. We also explore a psychic reading in Tibet.

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Potala Palace

You can talk about the spiritualism of Tibet without exploring the Potala Palace. Strategically located between the Monasteries of Sera and Deprung and the old city of Lhasa, the once winter palace for the Dalai Lamas in the period 1649 to 1959, is now a towering museum. Named a world heritage site in 1994, the palace was the ultimate spiritual ground back in the day. It is named after Mount Potalaka which is the considered the home to Bodhisattva AvalokiteĊ›vara. The palace has in excess of one thousand rooms, around ten thousand shrines and is laden with over two hundred thousand statues. It is a spiritual, historical and an architectural marvel for many.

The people

The residents of Tibet are one of the most spiritual people on earth. It is normal to encounter people in deep meditation, some reciting mantras, others prostate in devotion and prayer in the streets of Tibet. Pilgrims from all over the world and the local people all seem intent on pursuing their spirituality and create an atmosphere that is not only captivating but demanding- that you are present and engaged in whatever you are doing. The Tibet region is also synonymous with monks and has a number of Monasteries some of which are as large as a village.

Besides their spirituality, these people are warm, happy, generous, welcoming and have a sense of community that is hard to miss. Their endearing smiles, happy children, content faces and their way of life is something to emulate. Generally, their spirituality reflects in other areas of their lives which is a great lesson for those visiting the area.

The sites

The views from Tibet are breath taking. The ever-white landscape, the glaciers, the snowy mountains, the Crystal Lake Yamdrok, the snow-covered palace, the rivers, the art in the streets, the colourful prayer beads, flags and wheels, the great art and portraits all increase the beauty of the region. The monasteries, the shrines and temples also offer more than spiritual well being as they are captivating and beautiful.

A psychic reading in Tibet

Tibet is also known for its psychic traditions and it is possible to get a psychic reading here. Whether you want to understand your life better or to get a glimpse into the future, the Tibetan psychics have got you covered.

Whether you are in Tibet to explore your spirituality or you are site seeing, the trip will leave you a different person. The atmosphere in the region has been described as spiritual both by visitors and locals and its not hard to contemplate why. If you have never been there, you need to add Tibet to your travel bucket list.